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Remote Measuring Kit

You Will Need:

1. A flexicurve or flexible curve (can be purchased at any office supply store)
2. A pen or a marker
3. A sheet of letter size paper
4. A camera


Wither Tracing:

Making sure the horse is standing square with his/her head in normal position; place the flexible curve over the withers, where the front of the saddle would sit (behind the rear edge of the shoulder blades, otherwise known as the scapula).

Gently press down to conform it to the shape of the withers and shoulders. The flexible curve should lie directly on your horses wither. Pressing too hard will yield inaccurate results.

Carefully remove the curve, while maintaining the shape. Place the curve on the paper, and trace the inside edge of the curve.  If you're going to be emailing us an image of your tracing, please use a standard 8.5 x 11" piece of paper and include a scale with a unit of measurement so we can be sure that we scale and size the tracing properly when printing. Here is an example of a simple wither tracing that you can fit on a standard piece of paper and scan and email...


Saddle Support Area: Please click here to watch a video on how to measure your horse's saddle support area.



1. Photos of horse standing square and on level ground no tack
        a. Side view (whole body looking directly at the horse; left side of the horse)
        b. Behind view (standing square from above the tail)
        c. Any problem areas (i.e. high withers)

2. Same photos with tack and no pads underneath the saddle. Plus,
        a. Side view of saddle on horse including billets hanging straight down naturally (no girth). Same photo girthed up.
        b. Photo of wither clearance (also the # of fingers you can get under the pommel (girth and no girth).
        c. Photo of saddle on horse looking through the pommel (goal is to see how many fingers of clearance on each side of wither).
        d. Note, if you ride with any type of half pad (i.e. Mattes), please repeat photos with all pads.

3. Side view with the rider sitting in the saddle


Rider Information:

Please include the following with your tracings and photos (along with any other pertinent information relevant to this process):

1. Your name, height, weight, and contact information

2. Horse’s name, breed, age, height, and weight


* Wither tracings and photos can be mailed to our store or emailed to us at info@skylandssaddlery.com *

**You can purchase a Flexicurve from us!**


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