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Kara Somerville

Kara is a Certified Saddlefit-4-Life® Saddle Fitter with a focus and proficiency in adjustable-tree saddles. She has completed more than 350 hours in saddle fitting instruction and training. Since achieving her certification, she has worked with hundreds of clients to create the best fit for both horse and rider.
Kara brings her unique perspective as an FEI rider and professional dressage trainer to the saddle fitting process. She has a thorough knowledge of horse and rider biomechanics, developed over many years, and understands how subtle shifts in balance can be a game-changer for horse and rider.
An ill-fitting saddle can create pain-related behavioral issues, which in turn can lead to roadblocks in the training process. Kara’s approach is based on saddle fitting for success, so that horse and rider can both reach their full potential. A properly fitted saddle is essential for the rigors of the competition ring and can be a crucial factor in moving up through the levels. Kara has helped riders in both the hunter-jumper and dressage worlds, from the highest-level competitor to the pleasure rider who just wants to create a better connection with his or her horse.
As the owner of two short-backed, hard-to-fit(!) horses, Kara personally understands how challenging the saddle-fit process can be and how important it is to get it right. She has an affinity for unique breeds and has fit a wide variety of breeds and body types, from modern Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds to draft breeds, baroque breeds and desert horses.
Kara has had a lifetime of riding experience. She grew up in the show hunter ring, competing in Junior Hunter and the 3’6” Equitation classes. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist, as well as the recipient of regional and national dressage awards. She currently trains with an international FEI dressage judge and has recently been competing her own horse in the Grand Prix.  She has completed the first section of the USDF L Judging program.
Kara has a BFA and an MFA and spent 18 years working in the design field in Manhattan.  For more than seven years, she has been part of the team at Skylands Saddlery, where she has been the primary saddle fitter.

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