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  • Equitus Beta Anatomical Snaffle Bridle
  • Equitus Beta Anatomical Snaffle Bridle


Equitus Beta Anatomical Snaffle Bridle

$ 399.00


The Equitus Beta anatomical snaffle bridle by Schockemohle Sports is designed to provide the ultimate in fit and comfort for the horse. The curved caveson is angled to bypass the main facial nerve while the softly padded and anatomically shaped crownpiece assures comfort at the poll and around the ears by reducing pressure and allowing freedom of movement.  

The curved crystal browband is not only elegant but also follows the shape of the horse's head to avoid pinching anywhere.  A new positioning of the flash strap on the noseband supports unrestricted breathing and does not constrict the nasal cavity.   

Please note this bridle is priced and sold WITHOUT reins. Please let us know if you have any questions about fit and/or rein options.

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