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  • Herm Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Loose Ring Snaffle Bit
  • WH Ultra Soft Loose Ring 16 mm Snaffle Bit


WH Ultra Soft Loose Ring 16 mm Snaffle Bit

$ 161.50


The WH Ultra Soft snaffle bit by Herm Sprenger incorporates the revolutionary and now classic KK Ultra bit design.  The center link is covered in soft, durable rubber to keep rein aids extra soft.  The WH Ultra Soft loose ring snaffle is a great choice to introduce young horses to the bit and also for older horses that may be “bit-shy” and need to be more relaxed.  It also helps to avoid bad habits like teeth grinding through its relaxing effect on horses.  
16 mm Sensogan mouthpiece with stainless steel rings.
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