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  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle
  • Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle


Used Aviar Rook 1.0 -17.5" Monoflap Dressage Saddle

$ 4,695.00


This used Aviar Rook 1.0 dressage saddle is in very good condition with normal signs of wear consistent with a used saddle (please see pictures). The saddle features a monoflap design, smooth Vienna leather, Aviar's AV4 thin long knee roll, two long billets, and foam panels. The tree is adjustable, and the panels can be exchanged for other Aviar options. Made in December 2020. 
Seat: 17.5"
Flap: 16"
Color: Havanna Brown
Serial #: 28851
The tree is currently set to what we consider approximately a size Medium.
Per the manufacturer:
The first offering from Aviar, the Rook 1.0, is an uncomplicated, close contact seat that’s medium deep; with proportions that leave nothing extra to interfere with and your horse’s contact. The small proportions of the tree give you ultimate freedom of movement while giving a secure feel.
The Hyperflex™ Tree provides both lateral and horizontal flex for optimal movement and heightened feedback when riding your horse. We have completely redesigned the saddle’s skeleton by rethinking the shape and materials used to produce it. These trees are extremely lightweight, and designed anatomically.
The PRS works with the Anatomically Designed Tree to disperse the pressure of the rider evenly on the horse. This also creates a high level of feedback and comfort when riding, resulting in the ultimate connection between horse and rider.
Traditional saddles have panels stitched in by hand, which can be very time consuming for a saddle fitter to change, alter or replace. With a new hardware design, the Click System allows for the panels to click in and out effortlessly.
Aviar Saddles are constructed and engineered to be extremely lightweight by rethinking the materials used to make them. ‘The Rook’ Weighs in at just 5.8KG [12.8lbs], making it one of the lightest dressage saddles on the market."
*Please note:  Due to its price, this saddle will incur a 3% restocking fee if it is returned to us at the end of a saddle trial.*
Is this saddle a good option for my horse? Our saddle fitter can review photos and a wither tracing of your horse to see if this saddle might work for you.
       Saddle trials: We want you and your horse to find just the right fit. All of our saddles come with a 14-day, round-trip trial period. During your trial our fitter can review photos of the saddle on your horse to assess the fit.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by Skylands Saddlery staff. This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and is not a guarantee of size or fit as each individual saddle differs from the next (including those of the same brand and model). 

All used saddles are sold as is. Although we thoroughly inspect all used saddles in our consignment program, we recommend having any used saddle evaluated for fit and condition during your trial period. We do not warranty the condition of any used saddle. Used saddles purchased from Skylands Saddlery do not come with any warranties, either express or implied. A copy of our complete Saddle Trial Policy will be enclosed with the saddle. You may also review it here prior to taking a saddle on trial.


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