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  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad
  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad
  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad
  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad
  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad
  • Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad


Trifecta SS Half Trim 1/2 Pad

$ 199.00


"The Trifecta Cotton Half Pad by ThinLine with sheepskin rolls takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half Pad to a whole new level. The cotton base design creates a wither profile and spine free channel, allowing the Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.

Additional Benefits in the Trifecta: Even More Rider and Saddle stability!

ThinLine developed this saddle pad to give riders the fashion appeal of fleece worked around the edge, and the shock absorption they and their horses need without the bulk, high maintenance or cost of a full sheepskin pad . The Trifecta offers no interference for riders who prefer close leg contact with their horse.

The Trifecta fits under custom and off the rack saddles, and because of the pad’s sleek design, it aids in correct saddle fit.

The Trifecta is also shimmable in the Front, Bridging, and Rear to help assist with minor saddle fitting adjustments.

Like the entire ThinLine collection, the Trifecta moulds to the horse’s body as the horse warms up, creating the customized ThinLine non- slip, shock absorbing fit and feel.

Choose between Black, White or Natural; sizes Small, Medium and Large. (NB. "Natural" colour features black cotton/ThinLine with natural sheepskin rolls)

  • Large: measures 19.25" between the rolls and 24" including the rolls
  • Medium: measures 18" between the rolls and 23" including the rolls.
  • Small measures 16.5" between the rolls,and 14" across the seat.

Get the fit, the function and the feel, all with the ThinLine Trifecta."


If the size you need is not in stock on our website, please give us a call at 908-782-1944

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