• ThinLine Dressage Girth


Dressage Girth

$ 39.99 $ 82.59


The ThinLine Dressage Girth is made out of almost 100% ThinLine!

  • Softness with Ventilating Breathable Technology
  • Distributes Pressure Evenly
  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal for Healthy Skin
  • No Rub , Non-Slip

If you are seeking the best in performance and comfort with the easiest care, you have found your favorite dressage girth. Soft, moldable non-slip ThinLine material provides a custom fit for your horse. With leather reinforcement tabs behind the roller buckles, and a unique nylon stabilizing D system, the ThinLine Dressage Girth ensures equal pressure to keep horses comfortable. The anti-fugnal features of ThinLine foam allow use on multiple horses without spreading fungus and rain rot. This girth is designed to fit long billeted saddles like dressage and mono-flap saddles. This girth is the top choice of ThinLine riders. Horses love it and saddles stay in place.

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