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  • Stanford Anatomical Snaffle Bridle w/Reins
  • Stanford Anatomical Snaffle Bridle w/Reins
  • Stanford Anatomical Snaffle Bridle w/Reins


Stanford Anatomical Snaffle Bridle w/Reins

$ 359.95


The Schockemohle Stanford snaffle bridle is anatomically designed and made with a focus on providing exceptional comfort for the horse that results in superior connection and performance with the rider.  The high quality leather is softly padded at the crown piece, noseband, and chin padding.  The noseband is tapered at the cheekbones and cut out so as to prevent any interference with facial bones or nerves.  The angle of the buckle and chin strap along with the tapered noseband avoids any pinching in between the bit and the bridle.  the thoughtfully structured crown piece has been specially designed to minimize poll pressure and allow for more comfortable ear movement.  The throatlatch is adjustable on both sides.

This bridle is perfect for schooling and showing and comes standard with two browbands - one simple with leather padding and the other features a row of clear crystals to add just enough bling.  Choose between them to suit your look of the day!  Both browbands are slightly curved to follow the shape of the horse's face.  Includes one pair of leather reins with stops and hook stud closures.  The bridle and reins are black leather with stainless steel hardware. Includes matching leather reins with stops.

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