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  • Jete Jumping Saddle


Jete Jumping Saddle

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"Take flight to never before seen heights with the Schleese Jeté!

The word Jeté comes from the French and in its verb form (jeter) simply means “to jump”. Jeté itself is a noun and means ‘the Jump’ – in ballet the term “Grand Jeté” connotates a classical leap high in the air in full split extension. That is the feeling Schleese wants to portray with its new saddle – flying through the air at great height!

The Jeté incorporates features never before seen in a jumping saddle:

  • the only shoulder relief panel found on any jumping saddle on the market which is a combination integrated/independent style
  • available forward balanced or center balanced and
  • Italian calfskin stitched with an eye-catching design in contrasting leather for the knee pad."




Very soft seat, well balanced and close contact with the horse. Allows you to sit over your leg. 5cm cantle option (as shown) with 3 cm cantle available up to a 17″ seat size.


The narrow twist allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally.


Shoulder relief / independent panel allows complete freedom of movement for horses with big shoulders. May also be ordered without shoulder relief.

Billet System:

3 billets under the flap are provided for use with a traditional jumping girth.

Leg Support (Knee and Thigh Blocks):

French Pencil style or Eagle style thigh blocks available. Choose to have it adjustable on Velcro for rider adjustability or integrated (sewn in fixed)


Italian Calfskin


Black, Light Havana, Cognac (Chesnut), 2 Toned

Stitching on Flap:

Quilted flap with ribbon stitch.

Seat Sizes:

16.0″, 16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5"


*Final Cost Varies With Features*

Contact us about options and fitting.

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