• Sugarcane Horse Treats


Sugarcane Horse Treats

$ 12.00


Pony Up Sugarcane Horse Treats are hand-crafted and produced in an eco-friendly and self-sustainable farm in the mountains of Villeta, a small agricultural town in the center of Colombia. Our treats are hand-crafted, 100% natural and above all, made with lots of love. Pony Up Treats are the perfect shape and size for easy feeding and provides the horse with natural vitamins and minerals.

A crowd favorite, this product sweet and tasty with a hard and crunchy texture that dissolves in the mouth and promotes salivation.

Excellent natural energy source
Sweet with a crunchy texture
Easy to feed and to digest
Helps heal mouth wounds
Helps stimulate salivation: crucial for avoiding mouth dryness and sores for a comfortable and efficient handling

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Sugarcane Juices.

No Chemicals Added.


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