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  • Massage Gel Pad with Sheepskin Trim


Massage Gel Pad with Sheepskin Trim

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Acavallo gel pads are the choice of World Champions, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro.  This particular model has all the benefits of gel and sheepskin combined.  The massage gel has Acavallo soft, natural sheepskin trim for a classic look under the saddle.  This pad should be an appropriate size for saddles 17 - 18".  Clear gel with white sheepskin.

Shock absorbing and stabilizing, this pad provides numerous benefits to both horse and rider.  The massage gel has anti-slip properties to keep the saddle in place and helps to relieve pressure and provide comfort to the horse.  Safe to use on skin and easy to care for, this pad is as functional as it is technical and progressive.


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