• Eskadron Climatex Bandage Liners
  • Eskadron Climatex Bandage Liners


Climatex Bandage Liners

$ 47.95


Eskadron Climatex bandage liners are the perfect liner for polos and elastic training wraps. The foam filled strips of these liners are specifically designed to provide better air circulation to your horses legs underneath wraps during training. This leads to less heat accumulation around the leg during work, important for maintaining soundness.

Another benefit of these wraps is the more even pressure distribution that is achieved when Climatex bandage liners are used under your regular work wraps. The non-slip textile material makes wrapping easy and makes these bandage liners the perfect addition to your horses training equipment. 

Size is 35 x 35 cm, which Eskadron calls their "pony" size. In the US this is the most common size for use under polo wraps and elastic training bandages. With a height of about 13.5", this size fits most horses cannon bones with a little extra at the top and/or bottom. 

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