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  • Herm Sprenger 2-type Double Jointed Copper Plus Snaffle Bit
  • 2-Type Double Jointed Copper Plus Snaffle Bit


2-Type Double Jointed Copper Plus Snaffle Bit

$ 88.50

145 mm

The Herm Sprenger 2-Type snaffle is an eggbutt bit with loose rings that works to combine the advantages of a loose ring snaffle and the lateral contact of an eggbutt. Due to the eggbutt shape it is gentle on the corners of the mouth while the anatomically formed mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth to maintain only extremely gentle pressure and precise rein aids.  The loose ring design keeps the lightness that is signature of traditional loose ring bits.
Copper Plus 16 mm double jointed mouthpiece with 70 mm stainless steel rings. Please see photo for approximate size conversions.
TEST BITS AVAILABLE! Trial fee $15.95 + shipping.
Please call the store 908-782-1944 for a bit trial. 

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